Your Team

Assemble those whom you look out for and those who look out for you

Your team is all inclusive. It consists of all the people in your life that care about you. From friends and family to business associates and professionals that help you in various aspects, your team centers around you.

There are two main categories within your team. Those who help you carry out your instructions and those who receive all your information.

    What you will need
  • Email addresses of your family
  • Email addresses of your friends
  • Email addresses of your advisors
Your FinancialView

Connect all your banking, retirement, credit cards and more in one view

Staying on top of all these different accounts can be time consuming when it requires looking into several different websites to view the information or looking through several different statements. No wonder many people have a difficult time sticking to budgets and understanding where they are spending money.

FinancialView solves this problem. By working with over 18,000 different institutions, FinancialView brings all of your information from different locations right into your LegacyShield Account.

    What you will need
  • Credentials to log into your bank accounts
  • Credentials to log into your insurance accounts
  • Credentials to log into you debt obligations (credit cards, loans, etc.)
Plug Away

Enter your information in the different sections

LegacyShield® is a comprehensive system meant to be filled out over time, so take your time.

Start with easy items such as entering in the information you may know off the top of your head. This may be an online account or a bank account. Then take 5-10 minutes each week to methodically go through the sections and input your information. Many people find it easiest to do this when they are paying their bills and entering in the information of the bills they are paying.

    What you will need
  • You user names and passwords
  • Scanned or saved documents
  • A little self-reflection

"LegacyShield® is an awesome company that can make a tremendous difference for families.”

David K

stockton CA

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