Why do you need LegacyShieldSM?

When something happens to you, what happens to…

  • your most valuable documents?
  • your key financial information?
  • your insurance information?
  • your legal information?
  • your photos and videos?
  • your online accounts?
  • your life story?

Most importantly – what happens to the loved ones you leave behind?

Have you made sure that they can locate and access what they need when they need it? Will you leave a lasting legacy or a heap of problems?

Prepare for what’s around the corner

It doesn’t matter what age you are – none of us knows what’s around the corner.

Every year, countless millions of dollars vanish in unclaimed assets, and family feuds are triggered by loved ones not receiving clear final wishes.

But more than that – over your lifetime, you build up a huge volume of memories, experiences, stories, and lessons that shape you and those around you.

This is your true legacy – and you need to protect and share it.

Build your story, and secure critical information

Using the proprietary LegacyShieldSM platform, you can keep all of your records, assets, and memories secure in one place and assign them to loved ones so that those who need them can access them when you’re gone.

Plus, you build the story that becomes your legacy, passed on to your children and then on to their children.

You decide what matters, what you want to say, and how it should be said.

Why LegacyShieldSM?

Ensure that your story can be passed down through generations

Develop the story of all the most important things in your life using video, photographs, text, and voice. Our proprietary application uses a step-by-step legacy-building process designed by psychologists and sociologists.

Share critical information

Your personal and financial information will need to be accessed by loved ones when you’re gone – LegacyShieldSM helps them find what they need.

Create a clear view of your assets

Whether digital or on paper, all your key information like passwords, investments, insurance details, etc., is organized in one place so that you and your loved ones have a clear picture of your assets.

Control and flexibility

Designate Recipients for personal messages or important documents, and conveniently tag portions or specific chapters of your life story to certain individuals so only they receive it once you have passed.

Convey final wishes

Use audio, video, or text formats to convey your final wishes to loved ones. You can even arrange to share life lessons in the future with your children if you pass away before they are old enough to appreciate them.

Remove the anxiety and discomfort

LegacyShieldSM helps you take the awkward and often upsetting discussions about mortality out of the process of preparing for when you’re gone.

Military-grade security

Your personal information stays secure and private with best practice, high-level encryption for passwords and layered security for all your stored data plus multi-step verification of identity with zero compromise.

Give the gift of a legacy

Help a loved one tell his or her own story and bring all life’s assets and memories together in one place.