About Us

LegacyShieldSM is the online portal that makes owning life insurance and other financial assets easy.
It’s the playbook that one can use to make sure all the ducks are in a row.

It’s a guaranteed way to preserve your memories
and pass your life lessons and stories on to your children.
Our Founder, Dan Pierson, is a third-generation insurance advisor. Over the past 15 years, he operated a life insurance distribution company where he specialized in advocating for insurance advisors on behalf of their clients. During this time, Dan had the pleasure of serving on several life insurance advisory boards with both peers and corporate executives from the carriers. During these meetings, one challenge continued to present itself: “Why is it so difficult for consumers to manage and understand their life insurance?”
As Dan spent time thinking through the problem, his father-in-law passed away. Knowing that Dan was in the life insurance business, his brother-in-law asked him a simple question: "I know my dad had life insurance, but I don’t know with whom. How do I find this out?" Unfortunately, because there is no central database that one can go to, he would either need to call every insurance carrier, use a third-party locator service for a fee (with no guaranteed results), or search old drawers and filing cabinets.
It was at this time that LegacyShieldSM and the National Life Insurance Registry were born. The Registry acts as a uniform medium for people to register policies so beneficiaries do not need to look through endless stacks of paper to find proof of a policy. It eliminates the need to contact every single life insurance carrier.

Management Team

Dan Pierson

Founder & Chairman

A driven and socially conscious entrepreneur, his track record of successful businesses ventures demonstrates his dedication and a customer-focused philosophy. Dan’s background in financial advisement, life insurance and business strategy give him a keen awareness of today’s complexity and disarray and the resultant confusion that families frequently encounter while trying to save and protect their legacy or build wealth for future generations. LegacyShieldSM was conceived as the safe, secure solution to help people live happier (and hopefully simpler) lives. Now they can spend less time frustrated or worried about what-ifs and more time with the people who matter.

Michael Babikian

Michael M. Babikian is President and CEO of LegacyShieldSM

An established innovator in the field of legacy planning, he combined tech solutions, social media, and an understanding of the complexities of legacy planning to help co-found and pioneer the easy to use, cloud based system that LegacyShieldSM is today. Michael wanted to figure out a way to help families stay organized, track crucial financial records, and store information for future generations as well as preserve their family history. Prior to working at LegacyShieldSM, Michael was President and CEO of Transamerica Brokerage and, before that, Executive VP and Chief Product Officer. Michael stays in touch with a number of professional and community associations, serving as Chairman, where he offers advice and guidance based on indepth industry knowledge.

After completing his undergraduate studies at the University of California at Irvine, Michael went on to receive a law degree from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. He subsequently earned a master of laws in taxation at the University of San Diego and a master of business administration from the University of Southern California. In addition, Michael is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, having graduated from the program for leadership development.

Michael’s blog, “Clarity from Chaos” offers insights on today’s financial challenges & opportunities. He can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Vahe Petrossian

Chief Technology Officer

A technology expert specializing in data protection, cyber security and privacy, he comes to LegacyShieldSM with a diverse, cross-industry skillset and experience, having worked in Defense and Education, and served in the United States Army and Navy. In addition to his role as LegacyShieldSM’s Chief Technology Officer, Vahe is currently a computer systems architect at Northrop Grumman Information Systems and CTO at Glendale University College of Law. Vahe earned his Bachelor’s in mathematics with an emphasis in computer science, then his Master’s in applied mathematics. His approach to security, data and information architecture is nuanced, unique and fundamental to the LegacyShieldSM experience.

Heather McKee

Chief Customer Advocate

Heather has a passion for helping families, especially when it comes to understanding risk, making sound, personalized decisions for their estates, and creating a legacy that means something. She plays a crucial role as Chief Customer Advocate, making sure that LegacyShieldSM's subscribers get whatever it is they need whenever they need it (and frequently before). Heather holds a Juris Doctorate and Bachelor’s in business management and comes from a background of legacy and life insurance policy planning. She is determined to use her prior experience and a strong commitment to LegacyShieldSM to save countless stories, assist families as they grieve during times of transition, and be a positive impact for future generations.