Help your clients build a legacy
and protect what’s most important

Build stronger relationships with your clients, and communicate with them more effectively by helping them develop and organize their legacy - so that the right information
gets to the right people at the right time.

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Your Passport to Stronger Client Relationships

LegacyShieldSM allows your clients to create, store, and organize all of their most valuable documents, financial information, insurance policies, photos, videos, and life stories in one secure location.

This means that loved ones can easily access the right information in their time of need, and future generations can enjoy the stories they leave behind.

Being in a position to facilitate this places you, their financial professional, in a powerful position to build closer relationships with them and their families.

You are their trusted advisor, and LegacyShieldSM helps you build on that trust by going "beyond the call" with your service offerings:

Demonstrate added value

Providing clients with the right financial advice is expected. By going beyond that to help them safeguard their lives' most important assets you create unexpected added value.

Enable easy information transfer

Do clients store the details of the financial products you sell them in a file, safety deposit box or the cloud? LegacyShieldSM ensures that the loved ones left behind are not left scrambling for info, can find it quickly and easily, and can contact you as the advisor, if necessary.

Enhance communication

Communication nowadays is a combination of electronic and face-to-face interaction. Use LegacyShieldSM to securely communicate with your clients in a more intuitive and integrated way.

Improve brand awareness

Every client who tags you as an advisor will have your profile, picture and contact information in front of them, acting as a permanent reminder of your value to them.

Build client relationships

By walking clients through the LegacyShieldSM system you will grow the relationship by better understanding their goals and values and becoming more in tune with them.

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What your clients get:

Every year in the US, countless millions of dollars vanish in unclaimed assets – not to mention the family feuds over final wishes. With LegacyShieldSM you can help your clients leave a lasting legacy rather than a heap of problems:

  • A turn-key platform to systemize and digitize their legacy planning, allowing family members to administer accounts after they’re gone.
  • A secure, central vault to safeguard their lives' most important assets
  • A way to pass on their stories and life lessons to enrich lives for generations
  • A less awkward way to communicate last wishes to the ones they leave behind
You can introduce clients to a way to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

What you get:

Financial professionals are always looking for reasons to become more "visible" to clients. LegacyShieldSM can help you

  • Add real value to the services you provide - show that you have clients’ best interests at heart
  • Sign up new clients - use our suite of tools to help you generate new business
  • Establish your status as trusted advisor - keep clients up to date with market information and new regulations at the touch of a button
  • Increase engagement - send and receive client messages using the highly secure and easy-to-use platform
  • Enhance client loyalty and retention - provide clients with what they really need
  • Re-establish contact with old clients

How it works

It’s easy to get your clients started with LegacyShieldSM:

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Discuss your options for an
ENTERPRISE version of

Select a suitable version
and provide clients with
discounted access

After your clients have signed up, they will be able to use LegacyShieldSM to securely communicate with you, and experience all the benefits described.

Military-grade security

Access and all content included in the LegacyShieldSM vault is protected by military-grade security so that all personal information remains safe and secure:

Encrypted passwords

Your password cannot be decrypted - even by us.

Military-grade data encryption

All your data within our system is protected by military-grade encryption.

Privacy by default

Only through your explicitly confirmed intent is information ever shared with others.

Only through explicitly confirmed intent is information ever shared.

Differentiate your financial advice from the rest by
going "beyond the call" for clients…

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