Frequently Asked Questions

I just signed up for LegacyShieldSM. Where do I start?

The best place to start is with your team. Enter your Recipients; as you start working through the different areas of the site, you will be asked to pick a Recipient for all your information. Remember, you can have as many Recipients as you like. If you need help, we can be reached by instant messenger, phone or email.

Is LegacyShieldSM secure?

LegacyShieldSM is dedicated to keeping your information safe and secure. LegacyShieldSM uses several security measures to safeguard your information. Such as an encrypted database and file structure to address security for data at rest. We have bank-level security with 256 bit encryption. The site was developed with user accounts that have user IDs and passwords to protect their accounts. We have admin accounts that control access to user accounts which are managed through a separate URL and are protected with user IDs and passwords. We have antivirus software running on the production servers to address any malware.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! Cancel your subscription at any time. We can discuss different options for cancelling your account, such as if you want everything removed or just want your account to remain inactive for a while. We will work with you and find out what is the best option for you.

What is MyLifeStoriesSM?

We believe legacies aren't just the tangible assets you leave behind; they are the intangible ones too: your memories, your life lessons, the values and principles that guided all of your big decisions. MyLifeStoriesSM will help you build a story about your life that will be preserved for your family for generations to come.

Are my beneficiaries and Recipients the same people?

No, Recipients are the people you designate to receive information that is stored in LegacyShieldSM. These people are not necessarily your beneficiaries. For example, the beneficiary of your life insurance policy may be your minor child, but you may not want your minor child to receive the information about your life insurance policy. Instead you may want to send that information to your spouse or executor.

What if I do not want my Recipients to see everything in LegacyShieldSM?

They can´t. Each Recipient only receives the information you designate for that particular person to receive. You can have as many Recipients as you like. You also can have more than one Recipient receive the same information. For example, you may want 15 people to receive your MyLifeStoriesSM section of LegacyShieldSM. But you only want one person to receive information about your life insurance policy. You can do that! LegacyShieldSM is so simple to use; once you enter your information, you are asked to designate a Recipient for that information. If anything happens to you, your Recipient receives that information. It´s that simple!

Is LegacyShieldSM easy to use?

LegacyShieldSM is very easy to use. But we are here to help you work through anything you need help with. We are available to help via instant messenger, phone or email.

What if I haven´t started thinking about legacy planning yet?

If you haven´t started thinking about your legacy planning, LegacyShieldSM is the perfect place to start. Also, the best part about LegacyShieldSM is you do not have to enter everything today. You can start thinking about your legacy and come back whenever you are ready to enter your information.

Can I create a LegacyShieldSM account for my parent?

Absolutely. Sit down with your parent or parent(s) and tell him or her the importance of LegacyShieldSM and legacy planning. It will be a great exercise for everyone to start talking about this difficult topic and start sorting through all your parents´ information.

How long is this going to take?

It is entirely up to you how much information you want to add. You do not have to enter everything all at once. In fact, we would tell you not to. Legacy planning is not something you should do in one day; your legacy should be built over time, and you should come back often to update your information and build upon MyLifeStoriesSM.

What if I don´t have all my information together?

That is ok. Most people do not have everything together; that is why LegacyShieldSM is so important. LegacyShieldSM will help you gather everything together and organize everything for your loved ones. You can keep coming back to LegacyShieldSM and updating your information - we actually encourage it!

Can I offer LegacyShieldSM to my clients?

We do have several options for enterprise and proprietary relationships. Contact us to discuss at, (855) 654-7674 or