How LegacyShieldSM Works

Prepare, organize, and “storify” your legacy.

The LegacyShieldSM platform helps you organize both digital and traditional assets and develop your life story into a lasting legacy so that you can rest easy knowing that it’s accessible only to your loved ones when you’re gone.

Notification and authentication

Complete your profile, and designate one person to notify LegacyShieldSM when you pass away and two people to confirm and authenticate it.

Enter or upload the key info

Go through each category until all of your key stories, documents, and assets are captured and stored in your LegacyShieldSM account.

Assign Recipients

Assign Recipients for your items. Choose as many Recipients as you like; family members, friends, or colleagues can be selected to receive personal info and documentation at your full discretion.

Specify controls

You control who sees what so that, when you upload anything to your LegacyShieldSM account and designate a Recipient, only the intended information is seen by each Recipient after you’re gone.

Interact with Advisors in real time

Share your information with Advisors such as life insurance advisors, lawyers, accountants, and financial planners in real time. Conveniently manage roles and contact information for all the key players on your team.

Adjust details as often as you like

Not happy with a previous decision? You can change the information, Recipients, and controls as much and as often as you need to. Or you can set it and forget it.

And once you’re gone…

Your Notifier is required to inform LegacyShieldSM. We will immediately attempt to contact you and place a three-day hold on all of your information.

Two Authenticators will then be contacted for verification. Only then, and after the three-day holding period is past, do we release your information to the designated Recipients.