What Is LegacyShieldSM?

LegacyShieldSM is an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that enables you to build a strong and lasting legacy while also ensuring that the loved ones you leave behind have all the information they require.

Safely store and assign Recipients for all the documentation and information you know your family will need when you are gone, and develop your life story to be passed down through generations.

Key Features

A personal dashboard

An easy-to-navigate, graphic overview of all your day-to-day, mid-term, and long-term goals and interests.

Financial snapshots

An at-a-glance or in-depth view of your investment portfolio, assets, and liabilities.

Private messaging

Safely communicate with friends, family, and Advisors to make decision-making easier.

Store digital assets

Store and preserve all your digital assets, such as iTunes or Facebook accounts, or wherever your valuable video, music, family photographs, etc., are stored.

To-do list

Keep notes, bills, subscriptions, and time-sensitive emails organized. If something happens to you, all of your information will be safe and accessible from a single, secure location.

Key Benefits

Build your own
life story

Choose your anecdotes, life lessons, and personal experiences to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Ensure the protection of your family

Know that your loved ones will have access to critical information once you are gone and can enact your final wishes.

Build a secure vault of information

LegacyShieldSM uses the same security standards, protocols, and encryptions as the military.

Better manage your team of Advisors

Save time and prevent mistakes by consolidating and organizing communications with all your key Advisors.

What Is LegacyShieldSM?

Legacy planning should be for everyone, not just the super wealthy. The simplicity and affordability of LegacyShieldSM means that anyone can use it.

LegacyShieldSM uses four essential tools to help you create your comprehensive legacy plan:

1.  MyLifeStoriesSM

Helps you tell your story the way you want. Design and customize in-depth, multimedia chapters of your best memories and the stories you want to pass on with music, video, pictures and text. MyLifeStoriesSM has been developed by clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists for maximum effect.

2.  My Wishes

Helps you talk about the tough stuff. Specify Recipients, and convey in words what can be hard to talk about in person, such as your desired resting place, special wishes, or obituary.

3.  Life Administration

Lets you track and update important information that you or your family might need at any time. Once you pass, it’s important that your family can easily access bank accounts, credit cards, life insurance benefits, and digital assets like music, social media, and other online subscriptions.

4.  My Vault

Helps you to easily upload and store essential documents: a personal will, housing deeds, birth certificate, copies of your passport, power of attorney, and more.