The Exclusive WFG  Growth  Package

A special solution exclusive to WFG agents. All our best tools at a special price!

Use our revolutionary platform, Link, to deliver unparalleled protection for your clients with next-gen insights for you.

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Free Basic Estate Plans

The growth package comes with 30 free basic estate plans and optional trust upgrades.

Live Messaging

Keep the dialogue going with live messaging in Link. Communicate with your clients like never before.

Secure File Share

Save and share files privately and with ease. Your files will be safely harbored with Link forever.

Client Analytics

Insight that you’ve never had before. We’ll display key reports from your clients’ accounts for you.

Provide your clients with all the estate planning basics at no cost to them

Protect Your Legacy

Why Estate Planning Is So Important

Simply put, these tools provide customers with the opportunity to make important medical and financial choices that can take affect in the event of their death.

Distribute Your Assets

While you are alive and after you pass. Dictate who will receive which assets and when.

Your Children’s Future

Establish the guardianship of your children. In the event that you are hospitalized or deceased, what should happen to them?

Medical Power of Attorney

Who can make medical decisions for you if you cant make them for yourself?

Financial Power of Attorney

Who can manage your finances for you in the event that you are incapacitated?

Your Will or Living Trust

The documents that make your choices known. Save your loved ones from taxes and fees.

Growth PackageSpecial Offer

$ 650

Per Year
  • 30 Client Seats with Estate Plans
  • Insurance Module
  • Finance Module
  • End-of-Life Plan Module
  • Basic Estate Plan Module
  • Finance Account Aggregation

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*Currently only available in the US.  Join the waitlist for Canada!

WFG agents need to list sales as an OBA and agents will receive a check directly.  LegacyShield is no longer paying platform fees to the grid.

Offer your clients an experience that makes them want to work with you every day.

Super-charge your business by working on a comfortable and easy-to-use online platform that your clients will love. This is the next generation of the advisor-client relationship. Get ahead with Link.

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Link’s Lifetime Vault
  • Share files with each other
  • Post-dated file shares
  • Comment on files
  • Connect with family members
Bank Account Syncing
  • View all accounts graphically
  • Daily account updates
  • Finances are always current
  • Simplify account views
Insurance and Finance
  • Create and share policies
  • Connect with beneficiaries
  • Organized and safe information
  • Attached and organized files
Insights & Analytics
  • Learn more about clients
  • Receive client update alerts
  • Win client trust
  • Improve client engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the subscription renew automatically?

Yes, your subscription renews annually.  Renewing allows your clients to maintain access to all the features in their Link account.  However, there may be charges in year two for your clients to edit their plans.    

Does LegacyShield pay agents anything for estate plan sales?

The basic estate plan is free to customers with the special WFG package, but there is a charge for a spousal will and upgrades to the living trust product.  Agents receive  a platform fee payment for the spousal will and living trust upgrade. LegacyShield pays the estate plan platform fee directly to agents, and it does not count toward your points with WFG.

What happens to my customers if I choose not to renew?

Even if you do not renew your subscription, your clients’ accounts will always be secure with LegacyShield. However, client functionality may be limited to only basic functions while their advisor does not have an active subscripiton.

Can I still refer people to buy a basic estate plan?

No.  Basic estate plans are included as part of the agent’s subscription.   An agent now provides their clients a basic estate plan at no charge to the client.

Does Link by LegacyShield work on mobile?

You can access link from anywhere at – which means that you can work in Link from your computer, tablet, or phone!